An Olympic Weightlifting club based in Worksop, Notts.


Weight lifting refers to the lifting of weights. It’s vague and is a term that could describe any and all activity with conventional weights, however, weightlifting (one word) is something different. Specifically, weightlifting is an internationally recognised sport.

Weightlifting is comprised of two major efforts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. The clean and jerk is a movements where the athlete is tasked with get the most amount of weight off the floor and put it overhead. They are afforded the opportunity to bring the bar to shoulder height before going overhead, which is the specific reason that the weights moved in the clean and jerk are usually heavier than the snatch. The snatch has the same goal: get the most amount of weight off the floor and overhead as possible. Except, in this instance, the athlete is not allow to rest the bar anywhere, it must move from the ground to overhead in one movement.

Weightlifting is the perfect expression of the human body to accomplish the task of getting a barbell from ground to overhead. Separate of developing power, strength, speed, accuracy, coordination, and even flexibility today with the snatch, today is an incredible opportunity to connect with your body in a way that simply lifting weights cannot compare.


Like many, we were introduced to the sport of Weightlifting through CrossFit and were well and truly bitten by the weightlifting bug. The club was formed to provide coaching and dedicated practice sessions to those athletes who wanted to focus  on weightlifting,  either as a fun way to build strength and conditioning or to pursue the sport. The club is registered as a British Weightlifting club and meets their requirements with fully qualified coaches at Level 2 and Level 1.

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We're currently located at CrossFit Worksop. The weightlifting area has platforms, squat racks and is equipped with Holdstrong competition bumper plates. Access to a full suite of cardio equipment, dumbbells, spring tracks, prowlers and jerk blocks are available for warm ups, cool downs and accessory movements.

Streetweightlifting Gym


Our regular weightlifting practice (not the beginners course) is every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm and Sunday's at 10:00am. To be able to attend these sessions you need to have some experience of Olympic Weightlifting as the workouts assume a good understanding of the movements, progressions and accessory exercises. Each practice has a set workout designed and planned by our coaches and all athletes will be expected to do this workout. 


If you've not lifted before or have some experience but have never been coached the proper technique, then we offer a 4 week beginners Olympic weightlifting course. Spaces are limited to 12 and you'll learn the correct technique for both the snatch and clean and jerk. It starts with the simple progressions and variations of the lifts and steadility progresses through to the full lifts.

The course costs £40.00 and is run on a  Thursday from 6pm to 7:00pm and the next course starts on  18th August 2022.




What equipment do I need?

For the beginners course all you need is some comfortable clothing to workout in; however, for regular lifters we recommend a pair of weightlifting shoes. Wrist straps, pulling straps and weightlifting belts are all based on experience and personal preference.


Are there any age limits?

At the moment with have limited specialist equipment that is required for much younger age groups so the lower limit for our beginners course is 14. We have no upper age limit.


Do I need to be in shape to start Weightlifting?

No. Weightlifting will get you in shape. No matter what your current fitness level is, you can start Weightlifting. As you become more mobile and stronger, workouts will become more challenging.


What if I miss a class on the beginners course?

The coaches will try and assist you in catching up on the movements you missed during your next session. We also offer personal training if that's required.